Signal Integrity Measurement Systems

GigaTest Labs is an Keysight Technologies Solutions Partner, offering fully configured signal integrity measurement systems for high bandwidth signal integrity characterization. Our wealth of experience with Keysight's Vector Network Analyzer and Time Domain Resonance Oscilloscope tools, will help you navigate and understand different instrument capabilities & configuration options that will benefit your engineering team. We quickely and efficiently install, integrate, and train your engineers on how to successfully implement these measurement systems. Gigatest Labs hands on training offers an effective methodology for using Advanced Design System software to extract models from measured data, simulate lossy PCB transmission lines, and predict system level performance. We also offer custom simulation templates to help automate many routines in ADS.

As shown, a complete GigaTest Signal Integrity Measurement Systems includes a GigaTest Probe Station and one or more of the following Keysight Technologies Products:
  • Keysight 86100 CDA Osciloscope
  • Keysight 54754A Differential TDR plug-in
  • Keysight ENA VNA and PNA Network Analyzers
  • Keysight Multiport Network Analyzers
  • Keysight ADS Software
  • PLTS Software
  • ADS Software
complete signal integrity measurement system

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Links to PDFs about working with Keysight Technologies equipment

  • USB Design and Test with Agilent Technologies
  • Agilent USB 3.0 Transmitter and Receiver Test Fixture
  • Agilent Technologies Signal Integrity Application Note

    • Probes

    • Single Probes
    • Deep Access Probes
    • Dual Probes
    • Set2Dil Probes
    • Probe Calibration Substrates
    • Probe Stations

    • GTL 4040
    • GTL 4060
    • GTL 5050
    • GTL 9500
    • Probe Station Accessories

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